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When you invite a professional photographer to your event, you don’t just get a person with a fancy equipment. You are receiving the experience and passion, knowledge and support, amazing photographs and most important – the memories of your special day. Having an experience of creating imagery for media, television and international freelance, I realize the importance of events happening in our lives. In your life.

Being an artist is creating the artwork that will be treasured by your family. The goal is keeping those memories to cherish with your kids for years to come.

My positive attitude and friendly nature make people feel comfortable and relaxed, as if they knew me for years. Started taking pictures at the age of six, photographing people has become my biggest passion, that ingrained deeply into my life. I know how to be unobtrusive and direct when necessary, see the light and control it to achieve the most flattering angles for different body types and ages. There’s a little bit of everything: fine art, photojournalism, fashion, lifestyle and classic portraiture mixed in my signature sauce along with my charming accent. That is what I call photography.

Possessing prestigious photography education degree and training along with numerous awards and publications I never use any of that as a shield to prove my credibility. My work speaks for itself. Take a look!

Now you know my story, what’s yours?